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ERO Report

The Board of Trustees received the confirmed Education Review Office report which is very positive and an excellent result. Our next review will take place in 3 years' time. To read a full version of the review, please see the attached file below. 

Some quotes from the report are set out below: 

Areas of strength identified in ERO’s February 2014 review continue, particularly with students’ involvement in a wide range of interesting and relevant learning experiences.” 

Students are settled, positive and motivated learners. Respectful interactions and relationships between students and staff contribute to learning-focused classrooms. Individual interests are well known and used to make learning experiences more relevant.” 

A strong focus on values, key competencies and other curriculum areas contributes to parents being well informed about students’ holistic learning and development.” 

The school’s vision, values and key competencies are consistently evident in teaching programmes. There is a focus on providing students with a wide range of experiences to promote academic, sporting and cultural success. Literacy and mathematics are strong priorities. Teachers are increasing their use of inquiry-based learning to empower students to make more decisions.” 

"Sound teaching practices remain a sustained, positive feature of the school. A range of effective teaching practices was observed across classrooms."

This report is a reflection on the hard work being done by the teachers, support staff and Board of Trustees. 

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