Welcome to the Discovery School Library, 

My name is Donnella Matchett and I am the Library Manager here at Discovery School. I am very passionate about literacy and engaging children to develop a lifelong passion for reading. I truly believe that children's reading skills are important to their success in school as it helps them to improve their communication and language skills. In addition, reading can be a fun and imaginative time for children, opening doors to all kinds of new and exciting worlds for them.

On this page you will be able to keep track of what's happening in the library during the term and see all the different displays that I do to try work in with the school curriculum.

Thank you

Mrs Matchett

Discovery School Library Mission Statement.

The Discovery School Library supports the equality, diversity, cultural, and social well-being of all our teachers, staff and tamariki. We promote and encourage a lifelong love of reading for enjoyment, expanding knowledge and a passion for learning. 

We provide a vast selection of books across all genres and believe the library is a safe and inclusive environment for all.

Term 2, 2023

Welcome to term two in the library!

The tamariki have been very intrigued to learn about historical and current, challenged and banned books. Banned books are something that is very prevalent in America at the moment, the range of books is huge and there are various reasons as to why they are banned. The children have the opportunity to send me a photo of themselves getting caught reading a 'banned book' and then perhaps win a prize.

We have a school wide curriculum focus on science this term, it has been awesome watching the children come into the library and issue all things science!! I  have had some fantastic conversations and been told all kinds of science facts!

As always you are welcome to pop your head in and say hi or have a look around the library.

This display is new this year, the kids can recommend great books to each other and give a star rating.

Often the children will be stuck for an idea of what to read , I can up with the lucky book dip the children choose a popsicle stick from their syndicate and then they have to look for the book, it helps them with their library searching skills too.

The new Year 7/8 area is now complete.  All the blue dot senior/young adult books are found here, it's important for senior students to have their "own" in the library specifically set and designed for them.