2023 BOT Meeting Dates

Location:  School Staffroom

Please note that from time to time we may need to change the date of the BOT meetings, 

please  check the school newsletter or phone the office.

2023 BoT Meeting Dates

6.30 pm Start

Term 1 2023

Monday 13th February

Monday 20th March

Term 2 2023

Monday 8th May

Monday 12th June

Term 3 2023

Monday 31st July

Monday 4th September

Term 4 2023

Monday 30th October

Monday 4th December

2024 BoT Meeting Dates

Monday 12th February

Monday 18th March

Monday 13th May

Monday 17th June

Monday 12th August

Monday 9th September

Monday 21st October

Monday 9th December

2023_12_04_BOT AGENDA.pdf