Notices/Permission Forms

Learning Conversations - Tuesday 2 July (early finish at 1pm) and Thursday 4 July

As per our note in the last newsletter, we are going to take a slightly different approach to our mid-year meetings with parents.  We are going to trial moving to Learning Conversations this year, which provides students with a different way to share their learning with you.  While the majority of parent feedback over the past 2 years has been very positive about Student Led Conferences, we know some parents would prefer a 1-1 hui (meeting) with the teacher.  Next year we intend to move back to a Student Led Conference.  

The Learning Conversation will be in the form of a 15 minute time slot booked just for you and your child with the teacher.  Your child will still lead this conversation and it is important they are at the hui.  If you want some 1-1 time without your child present, you can let the teacher know prior and this can probably be arranged within the timeframe or at another time, depending on what you want to discuss.  Dates for these meetings have been set for Tuesday 2 July and Thursday 4 July.  

In order to fit all the appointments in, the first appointment will be 2pm on the Tuesday.  Therefore, we are asking those parents who can, to pick their child up early at 1pm on Tuesday 2 July.  If you can’t pick your child up early, we will have a small number of staff available on site to provide cover for them here at school.  Please complete this google form to ensure we know what the arrangements are for your child.  You only need to complete the google form if your child will be staying at school.

Codes for the 'Learning Conversations' for 2nd and 4th July are below.  

Note Room 18, Sarah Jenner's class has conferences on Tuesday 2nd July only.

Code: dtm8c

Room 18 only - Sarah Jenner
Code: vx77e

Discovery School Health and Physical Education Community Consultation 2024 

One of the requirements of the Education Act is to consult with our school community once every two years, in regards to our health programmes and priorities. The purpose of this is to get your input and feedback about the teaching programmes that support the health and well-being of your children.  

We would really appreciate your input, please complete the survey by Friday, 20th June.

Thank you for your feedback.

Important - Emergency Contacts/Medical Information - Action required

Can you please check that your emergency contact details are correct and up to date. You do this by opening the Musac edge app or portal, see instructions below.

Also please check that your child/rens doctor and any medical details are correct (to check information on your child you go into REPORTS on your phone and STUDENTS REPORTS from computer to download the info).

If you haven't yet downloaded the Edge App or Edge parent-caregiver portal please click here for instructions.

Please note in an emergency your child/ren will only be released to legal guardians or those people listed as your emergency contacts.


If you have any changes to your contact details please email changes to

If you need to update your child/rens medical forms please email and request a new medical form.

Thank you for checking your details.